Hello everybody!

If you are looking for a cheap but stunning capital in Europe, this is for you…

Obviously it’s our favourite city, and i think for a lot of people too.

You can go here in January or in August because in every season it’s awesome.

If you’re from Europe and you surf on Ryanair’s website you’ll find great flight prices unless you reserve too late.

When me & my girlfriend arrived at Lisbon Airport we saw so many people looking for buses or a taxi. Opposite once exited from the airport we went directly to the metro stop. I think this was by far the best surprise we had the first time we went, the metro here is very efficient. It links all Lisbon with a few lines (yellow, red, gree and blue) and for a minimum cost (1 way is 1.30 euros).

Our hotel was located in proximity of the famous Marques de Pombal square that is also just a few kilometres from the main attractions the city center provides.

In just three days we were able to visit a few amount of places:

  1. Praça do Comércio

Although it is known also for the “1755 Lisbon earthquake”, it was reformed completely and nowadays it’s a symbol of Lisbon city center with plenty of shops, restaurants, bars. In the middle of the huge square you find the statue of King Jose I on a horse that is walking over snakes. One of the curious attraction for tourists was at the port; where seagulls were flying in motion towards the horizon. If you are a photographer you cannot stop taking pictures here.

36452953_1775991312447440_1525492784910303232_n (1).jpg

2. Bairro Alto

Lisbon’s Upper Town, a pleasure for everyone’s eyes. If you’re looking for the romantic side of the city, you’ll find it now… Full of historical monuments but also shops everywhere. You can’t miss to eat in some of the local restaurants here. You NEED to order their specialty: BACALHAU (cod), it will not disappoint you. Excellent point of views are very easy to get.


3. Torre de Belém

Built in 16th century as a mix of architectural styles. We visited it when we went to Cascaìs by train. It represents a symbol of Lisbon and i suggest you to pay a few euros to get in and visit the museum. It’s worth it.


4 Cascaìs

You can not miss this coastal beauty. Just 30 km from Lisbon and easy to get by train in Praça do Comercio. Full of markets, restaurants and bars with traditional food (fresh fish everywhere). But the first thing that comes to mind here are the wonderful beaches in front of the ocean. You can take any photo you want here and it will come out amazing.

Where to eat:

Just one name comes to mind: Fogo do Chao. This brazilian steakhouse (churrascaria) was so delicious with over 20 different types of meats that made our dinners so enjoyable.  The service was also great, with plenty of waiters taking care of customers. Prices were also convenient based on what they offer. A special mention for the always good and typical “Padaria”, a baker shop with fresh and natural juices, Sandwiches and good cakes, like the famous “Brigadeiro” (chocolate)



In addition you can eat pretty much everywhere and still find very good specialties, but be careful: in tourists area (like the ones mentioned above) prices can fly.

N.B: A good advice: take the metro and stop at Oriente Station. This is like the modern Lisbon, full of skyscrapers, shopping malls and a large area reorganized during the years (for the EXPO too). You don’t know what to look because of great views pretty much everywhere.

Next week we’re gonna move to Malta, a small island located in the south of Europe.

This summer we’re planning to go to Italy, France, Holland, England and then in California for a month.

Go to our instagram page to follow our beautiful journey.

Stay tuned



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