6 days in Malta


     Hello everybody!


Welcome to the second chapter of our incredible journey!

Malta surprised us all in a positive way (We’ve never had been there before). We were fortune to find a cheap flight (only 24 euros) from Lisbon.

We arrived there at night (23) and our hotel was so kind to provide us a free shuttle bus from the airport. We ended up staying in Bugibba, a coastal town in the north of the Island. Of course everyone could speak in English, someone even in Italian and German.

The morning after our arrival we did not know what to visit first, so the hotel receptionist was so gracious to suggest us a boat trip that included beautiful scenes and beaches.

We were glad to take the offer and we did not regret it. The trip had many stops to allow tourists to sightsee and enjoy some of the best waters I have ever seen.


First thing that comes to mind here is the famous Blue Lagoon. It’s a place that looks like paradise because of crystal waters that seem not true because of such beauty. In so many travels i’ve never witnessed something like this. Above the rocks you can find minimarkets and street food all over.


One mention deserves also the Blue Grotto, where  some filming were made for “The Count of Montecristo”. There the water seemed like made of Emerald. Swimming there is one of the best thing to recommend to someone going to Malta




This island is the second biggest in the archipelago. We stayed there an entire afternoon until 19 and it wasn’t enough to see everything because there are so many places to visit.

Just after getting off the boat, we took one of the famous buses from City Sightseeing Gozo Hop-On Hop-Off. This was the best way to link all of the several places of interest in Gozo with a service on point (audio commentary in 16 different languages and each tours lasts 45 minutes)

One of the remarkable thing to mention was Ta’ Pinu Sanctuary, with great architecture.

You can not miss Rabat (known also as Victoria), it’s the Cittadella of Gozo located in a fortress, full of shops, markets and tourists.


La Valletta

Of course that’s a must-go place. It’s the capital of Malta. There you can find good shops, pubs, restaurants but what you should not miss are:

  • Triton Fountain, just when you enter to the capital, improved in recent years and part of the Capital’s Heritage

  • The Parliament of Malta, even though the entrance is free you must reserve in advance

  • Pjazza Teatru Rjal  the most famous Theatre in Malta once destroyed due to a bomb during the Second World War and now reorganized as an open theatre that hosts concerts and events.

  • Upper Baracca Gardens where you can have a great view toward the see and all the city. If uou like taking pictures and selfies, this is for you

  • After all this Touring we enjoyed our last day in some of the best beaches there are (We were able to visit more than one thanks to a great bus service that Malta provides) to name a few:




Food was not so good as in Lisbon, but i have to admit that there are places offering very good fish. One above all that i would recommend is Ocean Basket, in Qwara. Me and my girlfriend went there 2 days in a row, tasting delicious fresh fish and sushi. By the way, if you are a sushi fan, you should not miss Asian Kingdom Sushi – Chinese Restaurant in Bugibba. Just take a look at these pictures below:




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Next weeks we have a busy schedule (you can follow our adventures visiting our instagram page: travelspotlife). We’re planning to visit some places in Italy, France, Albania, England, California

Stay tuned


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