A day in Venice (Italy): what to visit, where to go!!

We finally made it to Italy. And no other city would have been better than Venice to start.

We all know more or less Venezia. Famous for being located above the seawater and full of bridges and canals that link all the small islands. The city offers a lot of historical buildings and monuments.

After we arrived at the airport we took a bus directed to Venezia Tronchetto Parking.

There at 9 am we took a Vaporetto that led us directly to Piazza San Marco. We were surprised to see so many tourists (it was so crowded) despite being so early.

In our way to Piazza San Marco we saw so many street-artists and restaurants that seemed so unreal to be in such particular place.

Just 200 metres towards the square and we found the famous Ponte dei Sospiri (Bridge of Sighs). In ancient times It was the last thing prisoners could see after the process before going to jail. They would sigh one last time before their inevitable faith. Nowadays it is considered a romantic place where couples take pictures and tourists can admire the great architecture and the gondolas that pass below.


After that you immerge yourself in Piazza San Marco. First thing you may notice on your right is Palazzo Ducale (The Doge’s Palace), once the residence of the Doge of Venice, the supreme authority of the Venetian Republic. Now it hosts a museum.

As you proceed you can see a lot of particular bars and restaurants placed under the portico.

One of them Florian Café, was our main choice during the day to stop by to enjoy some good italian coffee.


Despite some tourists may only look for pigeons in the main square to take pictures (usually the chinese ones) you have to notice the Majestic Basilica di San Marco (and dont let the queu scares , it’s worth it to go in). Of course there is also the Time Tower (Torre Orologio) in our highlights


After the Basilica we immerged ourselves into the narrow and overcrowded streets of Venezia, full of restaurants, shops and markets all over. If you need any souvenir you have a wide choice. Following the indications we ended up to the renowned Ponte di Rialto (Rialto Bridge) that once was considered the trade center of the city because it divides district of San Marco and San Polo passing above the Canal Grande. Here there are a lot of high quality restaurants if you ever want to have lunch or dinner.


After a lunch break we visited the island of San Giorgio, known also for his venetian gothic style Basilica.

If you like history of arts i would suggest you to visit at least the Peggy Guggenheim, Correr Museum and Ca’ Pesaro.

N.B: if you really wanna feel the spirit of Venezia you cannot miss the opportunity to tour the Laguna with a Gondola. The rates are 80 euros during the day and 100 euro in the evening (maximum 6 people per gondola). Once in a lifetime experience! Guaranteed



37214921_1799779146735323_2506046737848729600_n (1).jpg


37120079_1799779290068642_7133796724237139968_n (1).jpg

Thank you guys for your attention, tomorrow we will visit Jesolo a sea locality near Venezia, to enjoy one of the best italian beaches. See u soon.

Other wonderful pics:


37118497_1799763210070250_8176578744635359232_n (1)




37124623_1799764303403474_8869675832147181568_n (1)

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