Awesome Afternoon spent in Florence

                                     Hello everybody,

Following our incredible time in Venice, we decided to sightseeing Florence too.

Our choice paid off, the city center of this particular beauty was stunning.

We took a train from Venice to Milan and then from there another one directly to Santa Maria Novella Station. This famous railway was built for the front part in the 1930s designed by a group of architects known as “Gruppo Toscano”. Other details and facilities in this special building were all designed by Angiolo Mazzoni. Outside and adjacent to the station is also Michelucci’s white marble Palazzina Reale di Santa Maria Novella, built to host the Royal family on visits to Florence.


When we exited the station, we just followed the indications towards The Duomo, Florence main Cathedral. During this walk we could notice so many shops full of souvenirs, restaurants and above all pizzerias (There were also Burger King and Mcdonald).

Finally when we arrived at the Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral (The Duomo) we could witness his majestic height of his cupola made by Filippo Brunelleschi. I’ve never saw such a beautiful art complex.


Next we visited the renowned Piazza della Signoria, with his illustrious Palazzo Ducale. Now we know why it is considered a symbol of the city.

37597969_1807254005987837_6514286097386700800_n (1).jpg

It is the main point of the origin and history of the Republic and still maintains its reputation as the political focus of the city. It is the meeting place of Florentines as well as the numerous tourists, located near Palazzo Vecchio and Piazza del Duomo and gateway to Uffizi Gallery, that i would suggest you to see if you have time, it’s worth it.

After a good icecream break (although the price could not been higher i think) we proceeded towards one of the main trademarks of Florence. One of the most known bridges in the world: Ponte Vecchio. Located over the Arno river, it survived during the centuries, first a flood in 1117, then in 1333 and even during the World War II when Florence was swept away by Germans unless this special bridge, following Hitler’s order (local theory). It was during the sunset (at 19 o’clock), so we enjoyed so much this scene.



After leaving this amazing point of view we decided to visit Palazzo Pitti (Pitti Palace), the largest museum complex in Florence. The principal palazzo block, often in a building of this design known as the corps de logis, is 32,000 square metres. It is divided into several principal galleries or museums detailed below. It grew as a great treasure house as later generations amassed paintings, plates, jewelry and luxurious possessions. In the past it was bought by the Medici family (once the most important dynasty in Florence) in 1549 and became the chief residence of the ruling families of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany.

As time passed it was the moment we were waiting for: dinner. We knew for a fact (as millions of people i suppose) that Florence has one of the best steak in the world: the traditional “Fiorentina”. This is a must-eat for all visitors in Florence. It’s extremely delicious. You can not miss this “Bistecca”. We were lucky enough to taste it with some friends in one of the best restaurants near Fiesole locality, Ristorante Tullio.

Sorry vegeterians and vegans but everyone should try it at least one time in life (just kidding).

Thank you guys for your attention and stay tuned for more travel experiences.

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