Dreams come true: Los Angeles First Part (Venice Beach)

Hello Guys,

it’s been awhile now

Welcome back!!! Today’s episode is gonna be about our experience in Los Angeles, California.

Visiting California has always been a dream for us, finally we ended up fullfilling it.

We took a plane from Berlin (where we previously left) to New York (even if we had more hours we couldn’t sightsee in it, maybe next time) and then we catched another to LAX Airport. Despite arriving late that night we were pretty excited although a lot tired. As it’s suggested here in Cali, we rented a car from Hertz (i recommend you to do the same, it’s the only way to move in such a huge State). Then we proceeded to drive towards Los Angeles Downtown where our motel was located (we were able to find a cheap one in a very good location). The day after, to energize ourselves after such a long travel and jetlag consequences (first days if you come from so far you’re gonna feel it a little bit), we had breakfast at Urth Cafe, a renowned chain of bar that offers a huge variety of delicious things. Highly recommended.

So after visiting Berlin and the previous destinations where we missed so much going to the beach, besides in Europe is summer, the first thing we wanted to see was Venice locality and foremost Venice Beach.

Before going to the beach we stopped at Venice’s Nike shop for some shopping, that’s quite big and famous…the Venice’s streets remind me of some i watched in the videogames, especially GTA, (of course the famous Los Santos was non other than Los Angeles). That day was so hot, it reached 38 degrees as you probably imagined.

Thanks for a brilliant use of Maps app (it has been so useful in this trip as you can imagine) we managed to get to the seashore. Parking here can be very expensive, in fact we paid 20 dollars for our staying, but everywhere it is pretty much like that, so be prepared.

First as you walk the long promenade you may witness so many street artists from all over, from painters, magicians, acrobats, bohemiens artists and even rappers (we were lucky enough to meet one very good black rapper that gifted us with his CD) etc…always on sidewalk you find plenty of stores, from minimarkets, to pubs, restaurants,apartments to rent and even the Doc Green is among those.


on the beach there are a lot of uncommon places such as:

a skateboard area where even youngsters are so skilled. Just stop for a few minutes, it’s worth your time, believe me

a open gym where you may find so many outstanding athletes working out, from bodybuilders, to calisthenics and crossfitters.

While the water can not be considered so clean, the beach is so equipped even with public restrooms, but if you ever visited other famous beaches around the world do not think there will be sun umbrellas, deckchairs and sunbeds as we had in Italy for example. Unfortunately there are also a lot of homeless people and drug addicted but police is controlling everywhere.

What sets apart Venice Beach from the rest it’s the sense of freedom and expression that it has, where artists and people from all over the world are all involed in a unique context. It’s kinda difficult to explain it, but if you’ll ever visit Venice you will understand what i am talking about.

I highly suggest you to visit it for its particularity and style, it sure is a great experience and a remarkable place in Los Angeles. Next articles i am gonna cover a lot of other places of interest in LA. Thank you for your time and support (remember to follow our page on instagram to stay in touch with us and our great journey), Stay tuned for more….



Great days spent in BERLIN

Hello guys

Welcome back! Today’s article is going to be about our experience in Berlin.

We took a low cost flight from Amsterdam and we landed at Schoenefeld Airport.

As efficient as it can be, just exiting from arrivals point and you see the metro stop that reach every districts of the city. If you plan to stay for at least three days, you should buy a ticket valid per 72 hours (to everywhere) and it costs less than 30 euros.

We were lucky enough to reserve our staying in a cheap hostel that also provided breakfast. If you take a look on Tripadvisor you find plenty of these opportunities.

In our case, it was represented by Hostel CityStay in Mitte area, which was comfortable for its position and good services. Highly recommended for globetrotters like us.

Of course our Berlin Tour started from AlexanderPlatz, which is the main square and symbol of Berlin, placed in Mitte (district considered the heart of the city). Its places of interest are a lot: TV Tower (Height: 365 metres), Urania Weltzeituhr (known as the World Clock) the huge Fountain of Frendship and Marienkirsche (Saint Marie’s Church).

One stunning monument to see was Berlin Cathedral (Berliner Dome), built in 1454 with Italian Renaissance influential and baroque style. Then during centuries it has been modernized time and time again with a mixture of style. The result is greatly visible in the picture below.


Then in Mitte, you can not miss what is considered the main image of the capital, Brandeburg Gate, i suppose the most photographed landmark in Berlin. This neoclassical was built in the 18 century following the orders of Prussian King Fredrerik William II. Once it was the entrance to the city, and divided East and West, but then became the symbol of the reunion after the Fall of the Berlin Wall.


A few walks from there and you can find the Holocaust Memorial, built for the Jewish victims of the Holocaust.

If you proceed you are going to find the Reichstag, that hosts the German Federal Parliament. This monument embraces the modern side of Berlin and it sure represents a huge building with an excellent scenery. Behind the building, you will notice a large glass Dome that offers a 360 degrees view of the city’s landscape.


Another great landmark we were able to visit fully was the Museum Island. This complex of monuments is World UNESCO Heritage for a reason: Old Museum, New Museum, Old National Gallery, the Bode Museum and the Pergamon Museum are all great and provide audio on different languages. You can have discount on those by purchasing the Berlin Card (it was offered us at the airport). I suggest you to take your time and visit all you can while there. It’s worthy.

Passing by the famous Kreuzberg area, a multicultural neighborhood (for us it is Berlin’ soul) that has an exciting nightlife with plenty of pubs, discos, nightclubs, but also a little bit controversial due to its bohemien style and the presence of so many homeless. There you can not miss the renowned Checkpoint Charlie, it was known as the Berlin Wall crossing point between East and West Berlin during the Cold War.

Then of course you’re gonna walk aside the East Side Gallery, a series of murals painted directly on what was once the Berlin Wall. A true magnificent open air gallery (made by over than 100 artists from all over the world) that offers point of reflections of what the history of Berlin and even Europe has been during the 20th century. It gives a real message for those watching this amazing street art.

At the end of this incredible trip in one of the most known capitals in the world, i would tell you that Berlin is the perfect weekend destination if you’re looking for culture, tradition, history but also having fun, shopping and relaxing. As you may have understood the city is full of monuments, museums, green areas, original pubs and clubs. It offers an energetic environment and a particular atmosphere (sometimes at nights it looks like Gotham City), the fusion of old and modern is predictable in its hipster character. It’s as unique as it gets. You should witness all of these remarkable things at least once in a lifetime even though you have to know that it’s possible that you love Berlin so much or you totally do not like it.

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Our next destination is gonna be a big surprise and maybe you can predict which one will be… Our journey has just started

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Visiting Amsterdam

                               Hey guys,

As you may have noticed on our Instagram, these days we were in Holland, in Amsterdam precisely.

We couldn’t be happier for our choice this time. We had never been here, but it was so enjoyable. First off: if you plan to stay for many days, you have to consider some hostels, cause the hotels and apartments to rent are quite expensive. Nonetheless Amsterdam is one of the most expensive city in the world. With regard to the flight, it’s much cheaper thanks to Ryanair connections.

Once landed in Amsterdam, we took a train (you find the train stop linked to the airport). When we reached the station, we had two choices to continue: hiring bycicles or take the tram (as you probably know, these are the most common means of transportation in Amsterdam). We opted for the second and we stopped at the well known Museum Quarter Square.



There, in addition to visit Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum (the best collection of the artist) you can see the famous sign:

I amsterdam”



Then we procedeed to Damrak street to find one of the most known neighborhood in Amsterdam: Centrum (Center) which has further more than just his renowned Canal Ring (possibily the symbol of the city). In fact, there are plenty of restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, museums, a theatre, a huge cinema and even nightclubs.


Another fantastic neighborhood in Amsterdam has to be the Jordaan, considered the most touristic one with a long list of remarkable sites: Anne Frank House, Lindengracht Market, Café Chris among these.

A nearby microneighborhood is “The 9 Streets”, that is full of design shops, special stores and chic bars.


After seeing all these famous points we walked towards the world known Vondelpark just to witness some incredible display of nature. In this park area people are used to do many activities as jogging, working out, playing football and some photographers spend their afternoon capturing the diverse fauna and flora in it.


In those days we had a great time in what could be considered the heart of the city: Dam Square. This town plaza is known for its buildings, its great venues and daily events. It’s one of the main point of attractions you should not miss.



Our evenings and night were always spent in two well known places: the Leidseplein and Rembrandt Square, full of restaurants ,street artists, discos, cinemas, theatres and even a casino. There are also the most famous coffee shop in the world “The Bulldog” and two great sites for music lovers, Paradise and The Melkweg.

For singles you should not miss also the famous Red Light District Amsterdam, for obvious reasons a must destination for people all over the world. Other than the public use of marijuana, this motivation represents a force for tourism in the capital.

As you may have understood there a lot of things to do in a city like this one. So you can not make a mistake by visiting it. We would suggest you to spend at least a week because you would have the chance to take your time and not miss any of these awesome things.

Now we’re heading to Eindhoven where our plane is going to leave tomorrow night for our next destination.

Stay tuned for more adventures and travels and feel free to suggest us a possible destination in Europe that you would like to be covered by us.

Thank you for your time and remember to like and share as always.

See you soon guys!